Skelly Energy Company, LLC (“Skelly”) was formed in 2019 for the purpose of acquiring operated conventional oil and gas properties in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Mississippi and Alabama. We will target mature assets exhibiting stable production decline rates and opportunities for prudent exploitation of remaining reserves using modern technologies. 

Skelly believes significant opportunity exists for investors to benefit from current market conditions as conventional assets, including both primary and secondary, have been largely overlooked over the last decade while the non-conventional sector has dominated industry focus.  We plan to reinvest a portion of the cash flow to grow production via exploitation or acquisitions and distribute the remaining cash flow to investors. This plan allows us to compound cash flows and grow asset value while providing an attractive yield. Skelly will maintain a conservative balance sheet so we will be in a position take advantage of future opportunities across the commodity cycle. 

Skelly is team of seasoned industry veterans with over 250 years of combined experience in Finance, Operations, Engineering, Geology, and Land across multiple basins throughout the United States.